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Relay for Life

As many of you know, Relay for Life events have been going on around campus and in Pickard Hall! Casey and I have been working with Adam to coordinate events and come up with some neat ways to raise money! So far, our pancake dinner went well, and we are having an auction tomorrow at Hall Council where residents will get the chance to pie or icebucket an RA, Brent, or Adam! Hope to see you there! Finally, on the 21st of April is the Relay event where Pickard will have a team to participate- sign up at the front desk and check out the board in the lobby for more details! 

Help us fight cancer one step at a time!

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Dental Heath Awareness

Febuary is Children’s Dental Heath awareness month… So let’s set a good example by taking some time to learn about how we can take care of our own smile! 

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Mug Tug-o-war!

Mug tug-o-war was awesome today, and I’m so glad that I went! Thank you to everyone who participated, as well as those of you who came to cheer us on! There will be many more Homecoming events this week, and I hope you all get involved in some way! It will be a blast.

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Cheesy Rice Dish

Made dinner tonight with some of the lovely ladies from our wing! We had a great time, and the food was amazing! It’s always nice to have a healthy, home-cooked meal. Also, big thanks to Ramsey for helping us clean up and being willing to try our food… you’re wonderful! 

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A weekend in Platteville

Staying in Platteville on the weekends? There’s always fun, and exciting things going on! This past weekend, we got some girls together from our wing to watch movies, play volleyball, and even set up a relay against other wings in our hall! 🙂 There will be more where this came from… and everyone is always welcome!