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Check your Mail!

With the stress of midterms and everything else that is going on in life right now, I figured that you all could use a little pick-me-up! Therefore, I have made you all unique, scrapbooked, mailbox-stuffers! They each have a different positive quote- you can put them on your doors if you’d like! Hope they brighten up your week a little! 😊

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Girls Night Out

I had a great night last Friday with Elle and Rachael in Dubuque! We went to get fabric for tie blankets, but ended up also doing some shopping and getting icecream. Let’s just say that the girls night out was much needed! 

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Painting Nails

Thank you, Meagan for doing my nails for me last week…twice! (Even though they are a little beat up again right now). It’s always good to have that girl time, plus who doesn’t love having adorable nail designs?

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Blood Drive! 

Thank you to all of you who donated/volunteered at the blood drive this week! I was very thrilled to see so many of you there on Wednesday. I also had the honor of sitting with Meagan while she did doubles and being moral support- great job everyone! 

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Last day of Welcome Weekend! 

Today marks the last day of Welcome Weekend! As the weekend comes to an end, I’d have to say it was a pretty successful one. I hope you all enjoyed your first weekend here and have a great first day of classes today!

Also, don’t forget to attend the outdoor movie night tonight at the PSC, as well as the coloring night event in Pickard Hall. 🙂