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New (and Final) Bulitin Board

Check out our last, and possibly most informative, bulitin board of the semester! Half of this board contains helpful finals tips, which are straight from professors on campus! Who better to get advice from, but the people who are giving the assessments?! I emailed professors from a variety of different departments on campus and asked them for their tip- so make sure you check it out!

The other side contains everything that you need to know about moving out of the halls for the semester- make sure you check this one out too so that you and outer prepared to get out of here and enjoy your summer! 😊

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Relay for Life

As many of you know, Relay for Life events have been going on around campus and in Pickard Hall! Casey and I have been working with Adam to coordinate events and come up with some neat ways to raise money! So far, our pancake dinner went well, and we are having an auction tomorrow at Hall Council where residents will get the chance to pie or icebucket an RA, Brent, or Adam! Hope to see you there! Finally, on the 21st of April is the Relay event where Pickard will have a team to participate- sign up at the front desk and check out the board in the lobby for more details! 

Help us fight cancer one step at a time!

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Check your Mail!

With the stress of midterms and everything else that is going on in life right now, I figured that you all could use a little pick-me-up! Therefore, I have made you all unique, scrapbooked, mailbox-stuffers! They each have a different positive quote- you can put them on your doors if you’d like! Hope they brighten up your week a little! 😊

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Together 2 East is Complete.

One of the most amazing things about this year has been getting to know each of you and watching you grow. You are each so different, but somehow together you complete 2 east and our community. I have loved watching each of you support one another and help each other out in so many ways. Thanks for an awesome year so far, ladies!

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Recycling Plastic Bags

Collecting plastic bags went over well last semester; therefore, we are starting a new running total for this semester with a slightly different chart. Keep up the good work ladies… you’re changing our world little by little everyday! 

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Chancellor Visit

Thank you to all of you who came down to talk with our Chancellor and eat pizza last night! It was great to see everyone asking questions and listening respectfully. I hope you learned something about our Chancellor and our university… I know I did!

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Taking a Stand

2 East is taking a stand… thank you ladies for coming up with such great ideas for this! I am so proud of all of you, and it has been great to see your support and care for each other, as well as how well each of you embrace your differences!